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Our advanced Ethernet networks, internet and data center services offer solutions that keep your IT running smoothly.








Now more than ever, government network solutions need to be secure, reliable and compatible with legacy systems. In today’s always-on world, communities and residents rely on 24/7 access to online services and real-time public health and safety updates.

To make this happen, federal agencies and local governments are turning to trusted fiber partners like Glo Fiber Business to maintain continuous, unbroken communication between all offices, platforms and programs.

Glo Fiber Business offers network fiber-based solutions that include point-to-point and point-to-multipoint connections that are versatile. We also provide electrical or optical IEEE 802.3 interfaces, optically switched or routed network topologies and even jumbo frames that fit perfectly with all types of IT infrastructures.


Glo Fiber Business designs and builds state and local government internet solutions to better serve communities today and scale for tomorrow’s expanded IT or smart city applications.

Our advanced Ethernet networks, internet and data center services are ideal for government networking solutions. They are highly flexible, ultra-fast, redundant, protected and cared for around the clock with local support.

Glo Fiber Business has been bringing together local and regional government agencies for decades. From large agencies to local administrations, we design solutions for state and local government digital transformations that will fit your unique needs and unique budget.

Interested in getting the best government networking solutions for your community? We can help.


High-performance, reliable and secure network connectivity.

Glo Fiber Business provides pure fiber-optic dedicated Ethernet services that support innovative state and local government internet solutions. We guarantee that your operations have access to high bandwidth, which is available at all times. Plus, get faster, more reliable and more secure connections.


State and local government applications thrive on reliable, fast internet service. With Glo Fiber Business' Dedicated Internet Access (DIA), your government networking solutions give you added peace of mind and help communities stay connected with a high-speed, highly available and secure solution.

Data Center Connectivity:

State and local government internet solutions cannot be subject to interruption. Robust, reliable data center environments power cloud services, data storage or disaster recovery, keeping your government operations running smoothly.

More government services are moving online as the world grows more remote. Government agencies are rapidly adopting cloud-based services and solutions to modernize IT efforts.

Public safety, parks and recreation, municipal health services and beyond need to be secure and easily accessed by residents wherever and whenever needed.

Communities are reaping the benefits of government agencies mobilizing IT capabilities designed for today and tomorrow. Here’s how:

  1. Healthcare - Fiber networks increase the ability to use electronic medical records and wireless medical devices, offering the capacity to collect and analyze large amounts of patient information.
  2. Public Safety - Fiber-optic networks can help first responders communicate better with each other during emergencies through the use of public safety wireless communication devices.
  3. Energy - Smart Grid technology, enabled by fiber networks, provides real-time energy consumption data, which increases opportunities in energy conservation.
  4. Government Performance - Fiber networks support e-government services and applications, which gives government agencies more opportunities to communicate with their constituents.
  5. Education - Fiber network solutions enable better access to the internet and enhanced instruction through remote learning and online resources.
  6. Transportation - Fiber-optic networks can help alleviate congestion, enhancing road safety with real-time visibility to traffic signals and systems.
  7. Economic Development - Fiber-optic networks help communities attract, retain and empower job creation by encouraging business growth and expansion into new markets. Those who do not have robust access to the internet are at a disadvantage in the academic arena and the increasingly competitive labor market.
  8. Workforce Development - Broadband and Ethernet solutions enable access to customized career training. This is a far better method than traditional training, reaching more people with greater flexibility — and at a lower cost.

Glo Fiber’s 16,000+ miles of fiber-optic network connects businesses, schools, government agencies, nonprofits, financial institutions and healthcare facilities with high-quality, highly reliable internet and unified communications services.

The City of Heath is a family-friendly community that’s primed for growth. This city on the rise wanted to ensure a robust infrastructure that was capable of meeting the needs of its expanding businesses and families.

The local government faced a need to interconnect and increase bandwidth for 8 municipal locations including City Hall, the Water Department, and Fire Stations. In stepped Glo Fiber Business with their Dedicated Internet Solution.

Click here to read our case study about how we helped the City of Heath solve their bandwidth connectivity needs.

Granville Township Fire Department (GTFD) is recognized as one of the top fire departments in the country. The ability to receive and respond to emergency alerts is crucial in maintaining their high standard of excellence.

As the online services and digital demands of the community have increased, GTFD recognized that in order to keep pace, they’d need to evolve their network to meet such operational standards.

“In firefighting, being able to communicate and act quickly is the difference between a quick recovery and a disaster. No fire department can afford to be held back by its network — That’s why I knew Glo Fiber Business had to be our choice,” states Casey Curtis, Granville Township Fire Chief. “Their reputation for community commitment and service excellence mirrors ours, and their networking solutions are highly powerful while remaining cost effective. Now, our department and our communities have a foundation that we can depend on.”

Click here to read our case study about how Glo Fiber Business helped to solve Granville Township Fire Department networking security and speed concerns.