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Weaver Barns Expands Network and Connectivity Capabilities with Dedicated Internet Access, Voice Services and More

Glo Fiber Business Wins – September 19, 2023 – Glo Fiber Business is excited to announce that yet another organization has selected Dedicated Internet Access (DIA), Hosted Voice and Ethernet to amplify its underlying connectivity and harness a host of business networking benefits. Weaver Barns, a storage structure manufacturer that prides itself on unmatched quality and craftsmanship, has revamped its network and connectivity with a range of new services, including 60 months of voice services, 30Mbps of DIA and 200Mbps of Ethernet.

While all of these connectivity solutions bring their own game-changing strengths to the table, pairing them gives any business the ultimate leg up in customer service capability, operational ease, efficiency and seamlessness, as well as security, reliability and peace of mind. It was this extensive range of benefits that Weaver Barns knew it needed to ensure its operational standards continued to meet its own promise of unwavering excellence for customers.

Today, with these solutions in place, Weaver Barns and its customers benefit from increased bandwidth, seamless communications across teams and locations, faster networking speeds and more secure operations. DIA and Ethernet, with their private connections, lend peace of mind to businesses like Weaver Barns and ensure that connectivity remains fast and uninterrupted. Meanwhile, hosted voice options are the premier solution for teams that are growing in size and expanding their footprints while looking to better engage customers and keep all people and platforms in touch seamlessly. Together, this triple threat of network and connectivity services as a solid foundation for successful growth and quality service delivery into the future.


“We talk a lot about the individual benefits of our network services, but nothing compares to the advantages businesses can gain when they pair them for even greater efficiencies and effectiveness. That’s the success story we’re seeing here with Weaver Barns, and we couldn’t be more proud to serve as their network expert of choice for this range of solutions,” comments Glenn Lytle, SVP of Commercial Sales for Glo Fiber Business. “We always make sure to take the time to really build relationships with our customer teams so that they can benefit from the full range of network and connectivity advantages, and we know Weaver Barns shares that commitment to customer service excellence. That makes us a great pair.”


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