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Glo Fiber Business Connects Piketon Private School with High-Speed Internet

Glo Fiber Business Wins – September 26, 2022 – A private school in Piketon has chosen Glo Fiber Business to provide 200 Mbps internet service for the next 5 years.

Faculty, staff, and students need high-speed internet to access school applications to communicate, organize lesson plans and provide access to educational resources.  Many of these applications are now hosted on the cloud which requires more bandwidth than ever. The Piketon private school confidently selected Glo Fiber Business for its reputation for internet reliability.  


“From large universities to independent private schools, Glo Fiber Business is delighted to provide stable high-speed internet that supports our teachers and students,” says Glenn Lytle, SVP of Commercial Sales for Glo Fiber Business. “Our fiber solutions ensure the school is able to deliver digital access and a great foundation for our future leaders.”


To learn more about Glo Fiber Business’s various internet speeds and services, visit us here.