Food Service Business Ditches Poor Communications, Leverages Advanced Cloud-Based Opportunities

Glo Fiber Business Wins – November 27, 2023 – Glo Fiber Business is excited to announce that a food service business along the Ohio River has just purchased a powerful DIA (Dedicated Internet Access) and cloud-hosted voice duo to reimagine its communications foundations and deliver better business results.

As the standards of communication and customer service continue to grow and customers continue to seek out more enjoyable brand interactions, accessibility is becoming key for local businesses. Robust phone service is the cornerstone of today’s business communications, and if outdated systems are weighing organizations down, experiences quickly begin to suffer — for both customers and internal teams.

So, when one food service business realized that its spotty internet and poor phone service were impacting its ability to deliver the best experiences to its customers, it sought out a partner that could help. When a peer recommended Glo Fiber Business to this food service business, it quickly became clear that cloud-based communications and robust underlying connectivity could quickly and effectively reinvigorate this food service business’s foundations.

Dedicated internet access delivers the best of reliable, secure and fast connectivity — a necessity in today’s digital age. However, when cloud-based communications are layered on top, customer service results and experiences are taken to the next level. Glo Fiber Business’s Voice Connect platform empowers food service businesses (and organizations of all types) with feature-rich, ultra-reliable, cost-optimized, scalable and easy-to-use communications services that keep businesses in touch with any — and all — necessary people and locations.

Cloud-based communications replace costly upgrades, complex management and outdated legacy phone systems with mobile, convenient and effective next-gen capabilities. All that’s needed to keep the business communicating is an internet connection. 


“The cloud represents a quantum leap in service quality and reliability for any business looking to take its communications to the next level,” comments Glenn Lytle, SVP of Commercial Sales for Glo Fiber Business. “For this food service business, this means its team can always be in touch no matter where they are — and customers can benefit from smoother operations and greater accessibility and mobility. Non-cloud options just don’t offer this caliber of success — and when paired with DIA, any business can rest assured that it’s richly connected and always ready to deliver.”


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