Cardo's pizza of Waverly

Cardo’s of Waverly Achieves Consistent, High-Quality Customer Service With the Help of Dedicated Internet Access

Glo Fiber Business Wins – February 9, 2024 – Glo Fiber Business is excited to share that Cardo’s of Waverly, a local Ohio pizza shop, has signed on to leverage 200Mbps Dedicated Internet Access (DIA) service. In the pursuit of the utmost customer service experiences and ultra-reliable connectivity, this positions Cardo’s of Waverly for new growth, amplified service quality and more. 

Today, businesses compete on more than just their products. Now, the customer experience is and remains king, and delighting customers with convenient, reliable and satisfying results is key to not only attracting but retaining business. In a digital landscape, having the very best connectivity and network capabilities on your side is one of the best ways to amplify these results. That’s why Cardo’s of Waverly sought a trusted network partner when it began experiencing lackluster business outcomes and inconsistent quality of service from its existing network provider.

Cardo’s of Waverly is in an exciting phase of growth, expanding its operations to include a new, larger location. To support this growth, the business knew it needed robust connectivity with more security, control, reliability and, of course, speed. The company found Glo Fiber Business, and after learning more about its local presence, customizable solutions, stellar customer service reputation and more, knew that selecting Glo Fiber Business’s DIA would be the ultimate business asset.

Dedicated Internet Access presents a strategic, all-in-one solution for businesses that need to ensure their connectivity is always strong, accessible and fast. By moving out of shared network connections, businesses can remain in full control of how their bandwidth is used and never have to worry about performance dips or other unforeseen challenges. Combining these technical advantages with Glo Fiber Business’s high-touch service style and commitment to supporting local customers with local experts, switching to DIA positions Cardo’s of Waverly for ideal results.


“Having control over your network is a necessity these days, because no business can afford to suffer through lag, jitter or unexpected outages due to other customers’ network use. This is the reason why so many businesses like Cardo’s are switching to DIA. Not to mention, the added privacy and security is a big business benefit that helps organizations defend even further against business interruptions,” comments Glenn Lytle, SVP of Commercial Sales for Glo Fiber Business.


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