OME-RESA, Delivering Educational Opportunity with Trusted Connectivity

OME-RESA, Delivering Educational Opportunity with Trusted Connectivity

Online resources and internet access aren’t just key enablers in the business and home spheres — in fact, new and beneficial educational opportunities depend on robust connectivity to help students thrive. As digital capabilities and administrative requirements expand for school districts across Ohio and the regions beyond, connecting students, teachers and administrators to these digital opportunities remains paramount. That is where OME-RESA comes in.

OME-RESA (the Ohio Mid-Eastern Regional Education Service Agency), is a crucial collaborator for a host of school districts in Southeast Ohio, delivering critical internet access to schools throughout the area. OME-RESA is on a mission to establish partnerships that enhance student learning and improve school operations — and when it needed the very best in network support, it trusted Horizon.

Building out an extensive, reliable network capable of connecting dozens of school districts across a 15-year partnership, Horizon and OME-RESA have driven transformative results for countless students. Together, these organizations empowered advanced — and affordable — digital transformation for a host of institutions, allowing them to leverage better experiences with more capacity, fewer interruptions and less latency.

To talk more about the importance of connectivity in regards to accessibility for communities, Horizon recently caught up with Adam Truex, Executive Director of OME-RESA. In this video testimonial, hear more about what results this collaboration has accomplished across Ohio and learn more about the intersection of technology and education.

Click here for a video testimonial.